Flag of the United States Flag of the State of Illinois Jo Daviess County, IL
To report an emergency dial 9-1-1

Scales Mound Fire Protection District

Scales Mound Fire District Shield
Galena Territory Fire Station

The Galena Territory Fire Station

Scales Mound Fire Station 2

611 Territory Drive

Galena IL 61036

Non-emergency #: (815) 777-3160

Station is only activated for emergency response when dispatched by the Jo Daviess County Sheriff's Office.
To report an emergency, dial 9-1-1

The Galena Territory Fire Station, officially 'Scales Mound Fire Station 2' and sometimes referred to as 'The Galena Territory Fire Department', is the second station of the Scales Mound Fire Protection District. Firefighters of Station 2 respond to fire, EMS and other emergencies for the majority of the Galena Territory and throughout the western portion of the Scales Mound Fire District coverage area. Station 2 also responds for structural firefighting emergencies throughout the entire Scales Mound Fire Protection District. When requested, Station 2 responds for mutual aid (MABAS) with neighboring fire and EMS agencies.

Fire Engine 912

Fire Engine 912

Engine 912 is equipped with a pump, hose, hard suction, detachable deck gun, ground ladders, air tanks, tools and a 1,000 gallon water tank.

Tanker 922

Tanker 922

Tanker 922 is a tender equipped with a 2,000 gallon water tank and small pump to support water operations in areas of limited or no fire hydrant access.

Light Rescue 932

Light Rescue 932

Rescue 932 is a light rescue equipped with Emergency Medical Service (EMS) equipment, air tanks, battery-powered rescue tools, hand tools, and ice water rescue equipment.

Brush Truck (Wildland Engine) 942

Brush Truck (Wildland Engine) 942

Brush Truck 942 is a type 6 wildland engine equipped with a 300 gallon water tank, a cab-controlled monitor (externally mounted nozzle), wildland tools, and forestry handlines. 942 can engage uncontrolled fires in fields, greenspace, prairie and forests. The truck can also assist refilling tankers from ponds, lakes, and other reservoirs during structural firefighting operations.

Command/Transport Vehicle 935 of the Galena Territory Fire Station (Scales Mound Station 2)

Command/Transport Vehicle 935

Command Vehicle 935 can be used by incident command officers and provide additional assistance during firefighting and emergency operations. 935 is also used to transport firefighters to remote training outside the fire district.

Ranger 972 of the Galena Territory Fire Station (Scales Mound Station 2)

Ranger 972

972 is a specialized Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) equipped for rescuing victims on trails or in remote areas and also for wildland firefighting operations; 972 is equipped with forestry handlines, a small pump, and a 60 gallon water tank.