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To ensure members of the Scales Mound Fire Protection District receive appropriate recognition for their actions and service, the Scales Mound Fire Awards Program was launched in 2018. Below are details on each recognition category.

Merit Award

The award of merit is given to firefighters for meritorious action taken during routine emergency operations, when there is no risk to the firefighter's life. This award recognizes firefighters who have performed great acts of service in an outstanding manner, including saving lives, preventing major property damage or adding improvement to qualify of life during an incident.

Valor Award

This award is given to firefighters who clearly distinguish themselves by displaying great courage while under minimal risk of personal injury. This includes attempting to save or saving a life or preventing the substantial loss of property. Firefighters who receive this honor have usually performed acts that clearly show courage or bravery.

Honor Award

Unlike the Merit or Valor awards, which are given when there's little or no threat to the firefighter's life, the Award of Honor is given for an act of bravery performed under life-threatening conditions. This award is usually one of the most prestigious awards a fire department bestows, given when firefighters have knowingly risked their own lives to perform outstanding acts.

Lifesaving Award

This award is presented to firefighters for performing acts in the line of duty, through prompt and alert action, which specifically results in saving a human life. The lifesaving award may be upgraded to a Lifesaving Merit Award, Lifesaving Valor Award, or a Lifesaving Honor Award if the circumstances of the situation permit.

Firefighter of the Year Award

Firefighter of the Year award is an annually presented award to a firefighter or officer with accomplishments such as devotion to duty, service to the public and bringing positive commendation to the Fire District. The firefighter of the year award will be voted on by the body of the organization during the December business meeting and awarded at the annual Christmas party.

Unit Performance Award

Unit Performance Awards are presented to members of a unit made up of three or more firefighters who form a company, sector, team or employee work group. These firefighters, as a group, have overcome difficulties or obstacles under unusual or adverse conditions while completing a task or duty. The Unit Performance Award may be upgraded to a Merit Unit Performance Award, Valor Unit Performance Award or an Honor Unit Performance Award if the circumstances of the situation permit.

Employer Recognition Award

This award will be presented to an employer of a firefighter who demonstrates cooperation and understanding of community service by allowing personnel to leave work to respond to emergencies. This award will be presented at the annual Christmas Party.

Dedication to Service Award

The Dedication to Service Award will be presented to any firefighter or community member who demonstrates continuous dedication to service and assisting the Scales Mound Fire Protection District in any of the following areas: Fundraising, Volunteering, Public Education, Recruitment and Retention or Community Interaction. This award will be presented at the annual Christmas Party.