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Scales Mound Fire Protection District

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Volunteers Needed

What if you call 9-1-1,
and no one comes?

70% of fire departments in the United States are volunteer and less than a third of all firefighters are in full-time paid positions. Like many rural fire agencies and like all other fire departments in Jo Daviess County, the Scales Mound Fire Protection District is made up of volunteer firefighters. Becoming a firefighter brings immense opportunity for growth and challenge met with unmatched level of personal fulfillment as you help members of your community when they need you the most.

People of all backgrounds and experience are welcome to apply. If you are inside the Scales Mound Fire Protection District or near a Scales Mound Fire Station, consider joining today!

Click here to download the SMFPD firefighter application and return to any officer or firefighter.


Fire Chief Al Busch
(815) 297-3666

You may also speak with any active firefighter or officer for additional information. After expressing interest you will be required to fill out an application and pass a physical agility test. After Fire District and station approval you will undergo training, assist on emergency calls, and begin as a probationary firefighter.

Volunteers needed in:

We hope to hear from you soon!